Motorized Window Shades

Imagine that with the simple touch of a button, one or all of your shades are in motion! Most of the window coverings that we sell can be motorized. This is the ultimate in child safety and ease of use—it will even impress the neighbors!

The motors are all housed inside of the roller tube or head rail of each shade, so they are completely hidden. There are different types of motors and controls to fit every situation.


Battery Motors

12–24 Volts—This is the way most of our shades are powered and requires no wiring, but instead is powered with a hidden battery pack that uses AA batteries. Ideal for smaller shades and in areas where no wiring is possible. They are always controlled by remote control and there are size limitations. Great for honeycomb shades, Silhouette shades, and small/medium roller and roman shades.

DC Motors

18–24 Volts—This requires just speaker wire to be run to the shade from a plug-in transformer or power panel. These motors are extremely quiet and are better for installing in areas where construction is already complete (although pre-wiring is ideal). They are usually controlled by remote control and there are size limitations. Great for small/medium roller shades. Usually, no electrician is required.

AC Motors

110 Volts—Hardwired directly to home electrical or plugged into an outlet. Ideal when pre-writing can be done during construction. Can be controlled with a wired wall switch or remote control. Multiple roller shades in a line can be coupled and run with a single motor. Great for any size roller or roman shades. Electrician is normally required.


Wall Switch Operation

Three-position switches (up/center off/down). Available in multiple styles and colors to match décor. Available with single or multiple channels, depending on the number of shades, which allows individual or group control. In some cases, keyed switches are available for locations where operation of shades is limited to authorized personnel.

Remote Control Operation

Remote control operation simplifies electrical wiring as it eliminates the need to run switch legs. Shades can be operated individually or in groups. Most of our shades have radio receivers built into the motors, and the remote controls send out a radio signal, so no line of sight is required.


Most of our shades can be controlled through an app on your iPhone or iPad.

Automatic Control Operation

Sun Controller can operate a single roller shade or all of the shades in a group. The shades will automatically raise or lower depending on light level. Twenty-Four Hour Timer operates shades at preset times each day. Automatic control maximizes the performance of shading products. The sun controller greatly increases energy performance as shades are automatically rolled down when direct sunlight is overheating your home or office. The timer assures a consistent appearance as shades can be timed to open and close together at the same times every day.

Home Automation Systems

Our motorized shades can be tied into your home automation system, which allows for central, programmable control of the shades, as well as lighting, security, HVAC system, etc.

Insolroll Window Shading Systems

Our preferred fabricator for motorized roller shades is Insolroll Window Shading Systems in Colorado. They manufacture high quality roller shades—and nothing else—and are experts at motorization. They use Somfy motors (the worldwide leader in roller shade motorization) in all of their battery, DC low voltage, and AC 110 volt powered shades.

Hunter Douglas PowerView™ Motorization

PowerView™ is the proprietary motorized battery powered lifting system available on most Hunter Douglas window treatments, including Duette and Applause Honeycomb Shades, Silhouettes, Pirouettes, Vignettes, Solera Shades, Designer Roller Shades, and Skyline Panels.

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